Friday, 27 March 2009

Creative Cupboard Exhibition 09

We were kindly asked by our new employees (Agency Republic) to take part in a Creative Cupboard exhibition, displaying the Pleasure Bus Tour's Arty goodness in the smallest gallery space in London, a cupboard. We had lemonade and crisps to celebrate the grand opening. Plus Kate Moss turned up for the opening with a 20 strong harem of leggy lovelies. Which is a big smelly porky, but it was a wonderful evening. Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hello Internet

The Pleasure Bus has become immortal through Street view on google maps.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year from the Pleasure Bus!!!

Whatta 2008 eh? Bring on 2009 and more Pleasure Bus antics yeh? Hope you all had a super good time. Over the Christmas I discovered this little beauty in my dads stash of photos. Think it's the only picture we've got that proves that our pleasure Bus actually moves. Wonderful. Look forward to seeing you in the new year and try to stay out of mischief. xxx

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Merry Christmas from the Pleasure Bus

Hope you all have a wonderful time at Christmas... We thought we'd create a Do It Yourself Christmas card. All you have to do is click on the image, until you see a really big one... save it and print it out at A4....colour it in and give to your loved ones. Hope you enjoy. x

Friday, 5 December 2008

Respect to the...

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....Master of the Puppet toys that showcased on the tour. Apparently Bertrand & tarnie have been beavering away at more.... Can't wait to see them.

De La Soul!

De La Soul!
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Yes Yes. Went to Lisbon last weekend, and saw De La Soul play live in a Casino. then I got to meet me heroes, who we're loving the pleasure bus tour T-shirt.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shop Open

Finally we've got the pleasure bus tour online gallery in a neat little online shop.


Bag your family and friends some Ltd edition Art with a story this Christmas.
Cheer up their walls and their wardrobes.


Sunday, 5 October 2008


If you've bought any prints from the Pleasure Bus Tour here are some suggestions to make them hang happily on your walls...

The large prints (50x70cm) are a standard poster size. You can buy frames that fit these babies in snuggly from the likes of IKEA, Habitat or Heals.

We bought our frames from e-frame have a really good walk through ordering system that allow you to choose the style of frame, colour, mount and dimensions you'd like for your print. This proved ideal for our smaller prints (35 x 50 cm).

The 50 x 70 frames worked out about 25 jib and the 35 x 50cm frames worked out about 18 golden nuggets from e-frame.

My bro, Richy had a great idea. He put his "Let's Play" print in a Yellow Frame, which looks really good as you can see. He had his professionally framed, which takes the hassle out of it, but can be a bit more pricely. Still, looks good bro. N1ce.

If you have any suggestions for framing or want to ask us any more questions about getting your prints framed, get in touch. Email...

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Bees Knees Dance...

The Bees Knees Dance from Rob Ellis on Vimeo.
Wiley can keep his Cha Cha Slide dance, we've got the Bees Knees Wobble. We took this in Bristol, but due to our lack of internet speedage have had to keep it on the sidelines. The dance is performed by Miss Kerry Whitson. Good moves Kerry. We think you're onto something there lady. x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Hello Home

The Pleasure Bus brought the sun back and blew bubbles to celebrate.

Twas great to see lots of friends and everyone who popped by. We've stuck the pics of you in our flickr album. There's some Good Uns.

Also, Thanks to everyone who came along and ate their jerk chicken next to our mobile art gallery. It was fun. Must do it again soon. Next time we see you we'll bees knees you (we'll have a fresh batch by then).

Friday, 19 September 2008

Pleasure Bus Tour Finale, London.

We'll be here this Sunday; Brilliant News.

We're setting up the Pleasure Bus Mobile Art gallery this Sunday (21st Sept) in the car park opposite the Truman Indoor market (if you head round the corner from the big chill bar and walk towards Spital fields market you'll see us in our big gold van). We'll be there from 10am til 4pm. Pop down for the wrapping up of the Pleasure Bus Tour. It'll be super to see you.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Hold Your Horses....

That's not it is is?

Nope, we're hunting around like men possessed to have our closing exhibition in London Town (somewhere). We're home, but not quite finished. We'll keep you posted on where and when we'll be setting up the Pleasure Bus Mobile Art gallery very soon.

Also, we'll be putting up a Pleasure Bus Tour Shop in a bit. We'll be selling any art work that hasn't been snaffled, so anyone who couldn't make it to any of the destinations can still get bag themselves some arty goodness. Apparently this internet shopping is all the rage nowadays.

inabit breadbins.

Monday, 15 September 2008


We did it! We got home! What an amazing time we've had in the last month, and how nice to be back (for now). We've met some wonderful folk and been to some amazing places, and we're still talking, brilliant!. Congratulations to the Pleasure Bus for getting us home, well done gold van, you did it girl!

Thankyou to everyone who made the Pleasure Bus Tour an absolute pleasure. You're all the Bees Knees.

Hit the Road Jack...

And don't you come back! hear our musical request on Radio Cambridge (interview below).

Rob on Air

We had a lovely surprise on Friday when Radio Cambridge Rang us and told us that we'd be going out on air in drivetime. This is how it went...Click to download & a listen...

Big Bus Love to...

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Max & his lovely lady. Max was a proper star, helping us find a venue for the Pleasure Bus Mobile Art gallery in Cambridge. Big thanks for helping us sorting it out in such short notice, and introducing us to Nathan

PB crew with, Nathan, landlord of the Pickerel Pub, with daughter Lela Petal, Outside the Pickerel Pub, Cambridge.

Big thanks to Nathan for accommodating us and the pleasure bus, feeding and watering us, trying to fix our headlights, and making our stay in cambridge, generally a lot more pleasurable. N1ce.

The Bees Knees, Cambridge.

Also thanks for the inspirational Tatoo book. Maybe next on the next tour we could do a mobile tatoo parlour? Hmmmm.

click here to see more pics from the day...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hello Cambridge!

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we had lots of fun in cambridge, meeting and greeting lots of locals and sheltering the wet ones from the downpour. Thanks for popping by Cambridge. x

PB Promotions...

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The PB Gallery @ The Pickerel...

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Big thanks to Nathan & crew @ the wonderful Pickerel who gave us the thumbs up to set up the pleasure bus mobile art gallery within their super pub.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cambridge Venue Sorted.

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Yes Yes. We've sorted it this very eve. We'll be at the Pickerel pub, in the heart of fabulous Cambridge (opposite magdalin college, over the bridge on bridge st). Under these very arches (see pic). We'll be setting up from 10am & will be there til 5ish. Lets Make Friends.


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Big bus respect to Max for introducing us to Nathan, landlord of the Peckerel. And big Pleasure Bus respectacles to Nathan who's given us the green light to set up tomorrow (Friday) in his parking space.

Hello Cambridge!

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The Pleasure Bus Tour is in Cambridge. What a fantastic place eh?

We'll be parked opposite Magdalen College (pictured) on Friday, at The Peckerel. 10am til 5pmish. Yes Now.

Toilet mirror, The Good Food Store, Stamford.

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We had lunch here.

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Everyone talked posh

Goodbye Nottingham, Hello Cambridge.

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Nick prepping.

Friends of Nottingham...

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One day we'll be back to set up the mobile art gallery in Nottingham, just bigger, and with more forethought. Alhtough it was a total bummer not setting up the gallery, we discovered some cracking creative peeps. Nottingham has a an abundance of Creative Talent and the Art scene is Well exciting. If you're in Notts head up to the Shop and look out for Moot art gallery. Fresh & super friendly. Catch you soon Notts.

Big bus love to Rod & Lizzy too.

Alton Towers...

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We made the most of our unexpected day off and went and had a really good time. We headed to Altonia Towerinos. We did the Nemesis, Air, Willy Wonka's, Corckscrew, Rapids, The Wetpants, but our favourites have to be Rita & Screwball Pinball. Rita, the Queen of Speed was like a bullet. Much faster than the Pleasure Bus. And the Pinball one, was just plain stupid. Loved it.

Rob, Nick and Steel

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Pleasure Bus opens for one man in a van. He took the picture, then got back to reading The Sun. Then we got out of there.

Robin Hood

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The Pleasure Bus escaped to the Sherwood Forest and hooked up with Robin Hood and his band of merry men to hatch a plan to overthrow the Sheriff. The best plan was to set up the Pleasure Bus Mobile art gallery in the Forest. Not a great plan. But still a plan.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sheriffs Runs Pleasure Bus out of Nottingham

Bad news guys, the Sheriffs of Nottingham, have forced the pleasure bus to flee, so Nottingham is cancelled (for now).

Apologies to all the lovely Nottingham folk who would have loved to have visited the Pleasure Bus Tour. We're gutted too. We love Nottingham, and one day hope to return, to overthrow the big bad sheriffs who crush our fun with their parking, trading and health and safety laws.

We know it's not the same, but the shop will be available online in a few weeks, and we'll make sure those who missed out on getting bees knee'd are justly stickered up.

Now, to the woods, we need to hatch a plan to overthrow these kill joy sheriffs.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Search & Tat.

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Today we visited lots of cracking shops and places in search of a place to set up the Pleasure Bus Mobile Art gallery tommorrow (Weds). we took in some brilliant galleries, studios, the castle and many many shops and are awaiting a green light from some very special people before we let on where we'll be.

As well as hunting for a venue we snapped some tourist attractions (bagging some arty finds - check our flickr) and the did some obligatory shopping. Nottingham is packed full of gud stuff to snaffle. I bought a compulsory Robin Hood hat (as I'd lost one at party previously), and we raided Tat, a treasure trove of records, Knick Knacks and, well Tat. We walked away with a tin, a super 8 camera, a diary written in 1948, and a pair of musical braces. Nicely!

Rod's Graphic Art

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Good eh?

Hello Nottingham...

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Yes, we're on our way back south from our stint in the north (and what a stint it was). Big thanks to Jonny & everyone who visited in Leeds.

So... we now say hello to Nottingham, Robin Hood country. We're meeting some lovely locals, and are being guided by resident, postman, artist and super chap Andrew Cullen (or Rod to us). Thanks Rod, you're a star.

This is a pic from our excursion into Nottingham where we met D & S Seafood frontman Dave, who has apparently been selling cockles & pots full of fishy stuff for the last 42 years. Good work fella. You're definitely the bees knees.

Keep them pictures coming...

Doodle Fest @ Bristol
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Big Thanks to Cathy O for sending us your lovely pics. If you have taken any yourself please send them our way, so we can stick them up.
If you could be so kind to email them to that'd be grand.

Nana Horne Officially The Bees Knees.

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Well her Majesty the Queen might be sending Nana Horne a telegram next March but the Pleasure Bus Tour got there first and officially handed Nora the Bees Knees in her centenary year. So try that one for size Lizzie.

Long Distance Pleasure

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Huge love must go to Kirsten for once again joining the Pleasure Bus Crew in Leeds, but sorry Kirst this time you've been trumped. The Lovely Polly, Evie, and Ross Made the trip down to Leeds from Avimore Via Glasgow, just to visit the Pleasure Bus. That deserves a big fat pat on the back guys, big love. Also if anyone's ever in the Avimore area check out the lovely Ord Ban restaurant run by Polly and Ross, it serves the most fantastic nosh.

Big Smiles all round

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The good people of Leeds were lovin' our work.

Hello Headingley

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After a day of Rain and Plenty of Whiskey on the Friday, The sun came out on Headingley and along with the much appreciated help of Mr Jonny Ashworth The Pleasure Bus hit the Headingley Taps early Saturday morning.